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Published: 04th April 2011
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The work of a locksmith is to break locks whose keys or PIN have been lost. However, it is not the single work of a locksmith. He is also responsible for lock extraction, installation and key modulation. The process of work of a locksmith is not an easy task and a bit difficult to understand. Here, we will discuss about some technical terminologies those are frequently used in the locksmith industry. This can help you to became a perfect locksmith professional and also understand his way of working.

The fist term is betting which represents a code that helps to cut a key in a perfect way. This is a part of key and series of numbers which is generally translated from a betting code or key cord chart list. The betting digits represent the perfect depth where the key must be cut down. This also presents the location of the cut on the key blank. Another term which is frequently used in the locksmith industry is bolt stump. This is the rectangular part of luck fixed at the above of the talon. This rectangular piece is riveted or passes to the lathe in earlier locks. However, in modern lucks the lock manufacturers allow it to locate inside the machine.

The change key is a key located on the lower part of the master keying system. These keys otherwise called as days keys. This key is typically issued for personal use. The change key should not be mistaken as a master key because master keys are issued for a number of locks. The word key code is very popularly used among the locksmith professionals and is used to create new keys. The key codes are the series of alphabet and numeric characters. Key code is of two types, one is blind codes and another is betting codes. The blind codes require a computer program or a chart to translate the codes to a betting code. In most of the cases, the key codes are blind codes. As publication of these codes or code books are not allowed, the locksmiths create their own blind coding system. With this they can easily identify the key system installed by them and also for authorization in high security system. These codes are used by computers and master keying charts those are generated manually. The betting code is the translated code, which is actually used to create actual key.

The term key blank is a key which can not be cut by betting. The blanks are used by the locksmith experts to create duplicate keys. Another term of the locksmith world is key relevance, used to define the measurable difference between the original key and the copy key. Likely another term "maison key system" is a system that permits lock to open with a number of individual keys. These key systems, generally found in commonly used places of an apartment like the entrance gate. The re-keying is the technology used to change the lock so that it can be operated by an another lock key.

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