Most Commonly used Terms by Locksmiths

Published: 14th October 2011
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Locksmith is a specialised division of artisans which requires skill and training. The scope of their work has expanded in the recent years from making locks to complete consultation of home security. However there are very commonly used terms that are used by a locksmith and being aware of such terms will help us in future whenever we avail their services.

Auxiliary Lock is one that is fitted to an existing lock in order to ensure better security and safety. Due to the fear of theft many of the modern house owners prefer a second level of security. Auxiliary locks ill serve this purpose. Deadbolts refer to a latch that is slid on to the door and gives a strong protection to the entrance. Its most impenetrable as it requires manual removal of the bolt. When multiple bolts are used on any locking system through by activating a single point its referred to as gang locks in locksmith terminology.

You may require the service of the locksmith in order to get the duplicate keys made by them. The locksmith will use the term impressioning refers to the process of creating new keys for the lock even without removing the lock. Bell box is the box that is covering the alarm system in a security system. Master code refers to the original password that is used for the first time opening of an electronic safe. Most of the electronic safes will request you to change the password immediately after using your master code for the first time. This ensures better security.

A bolt which has interlocks and the strike is referred to as the jimmy proof locks. The vertical edge of the door where the lock is fitted into is referred to as the Lock stile. NFS is an abbreviation that stands for Non Fail Safe. If this is found on any of the safe it means that the safe does not have any kind of mechanism or features in case the lock fails. Fail safe is a mechanism wherein the lock is released instantly in case an emergency arises.

In many of the properties especially in office premises most commonly found terminology is the Panic Buttons. As the name suggests this is used in case any person is in danger condition inside any property they can press the panic button found in the alarm system which will alert rescue team. Another term used in the same line is the silent signal alarms. It will send an instant message to the nearest police station and does not give out any kind of alarm. This is very useful in case of theft or burglary attempt in the premises. Such silent alarms have been useful in nabbing the intruders as the only the police is alerted and they have enough time to reach the destination.

Composite safes refers to safes that are fire resistant and the most difficult to break open them. Forced entry is almost impossible in case of composite safes. Tamper resistant fastenings are nothing but the thread less screws. They cannot be tampered as they donít have any threads in them. Only with the help of special tools it could be removed.

The glossary of locksmith terms is exhaustive and contains technical details. The above mentioned terms are just few that are commonly used by the locksmiths.

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